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Robotics solutions

Harvesting robots

Various produce including strawberries, apples and lettuce are being planted, maintained and harvested using automated vehicle guidance along with visual recognition robotics. Large robotic vehicles or equipment are typically powered from a high-voltage DC source of 400V or more.

Harvesting robot

The power delivery network

In this type of design, the Vicor BCM converter series can provide high-voltage battery conversion to a safe, nominal 48V. One example is the BCM4414 capable of more than 1,600W at greater than 97% efficiency from its 111 x 36 x 9mm package. The BCM is a fixed ratio converter with an output voltage 1/16 of the input voltage. Fixed ratio or regulated point-of-load converters such as Vicor NBMs, PRMs, ZVS Buck and ZVS Buck-Boost regulators power individual, downstream, lower-voltage rails as needed.

Power Delivery Network for a harvesting robot

BCM4414 変換比固定DC-DCコンバータ

入力電圧: 500 – 800V

出力電圧: 31.3 – 50.0V

出力電流: 最大35A

110.6 x 35.5 x 9.4mm

PRM regulators

PRM 昇降圧レギュレータ

入力電圧: 48V (36 – 75V)

出力電圧: 48V (5 – 55V)

出力電流: 最大600W

効率: 最大97%

22.0 x 16.5 x 6.73mm 他

NBM2317 電圧変換比固定DC-DCコンバータ

入力電圧: 38 – 60V

出力電圧: 9.5 – 15V

出力電流: 60A

22.8 x 17.3 x 7.4mm

ZVS 降圧レギュレータ

入力電圧: 12V (8 – 18V), 24V (8 – 36V), 48V (30 – 60V)

出力電圧: 1 – 16V 

出力電流: 最大22A

ピーク効率: 最大98%

10.0 x 10.0 x 2.5mm 他


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