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Designing power systems for modern railway applications

Railway applications present challenges to power engineers, with increasingly complex on-board systems, demands for higher energy efficiency and the need for any equipment to withstand the harsh environments encountered on rolling stock. Additionally, rail systems must deliver high reliability and meet stringent certification requirements.

This webinar explains the market pressures on engineers developing power systems for the rail industry, ways to overcome the technical challenges and presents case studies of designs that illustrate how to deliver high-performance power for onboard systems.

Viewers learn a range of design techniques, including:

  • Filtering techniques to mitigate transients and EMI
  • How Vicor ensures reliability in challenging environments
  • The benefits of higher power density and efficiency

Who should watch?

This webinar is designed to help all levels of power developers and technical managers working in the rail industry.

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About the presenter

Kai Johnstad

Kai Johnstad is Senior Product Marketing Manager for Defence, Aerospace, and Transportation Products for Vicor Corporation in Andover, Massachusetts, USA. Kai has more than 15 years of experience in the power electronics industry with over 8 years in various product marketing roles for Vicor. He holds a BS in Engineering from the University of Illinois,Urbana-Champaign and an MBA from the University of San Francisco.

presenters photo

Vamshi Domudala

Vamshi Domudala has a Masters Degree in Electrical and Computer engineering from the University of Massachusetts Lowell and has several years of experience as System Application engineer at Vicor.